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BAS (Boulder Aeromodeling Society) Video Gallery

Instruction for viewing videos

Most videos are in windows media player format (.wmv file type)

Streaming with Cable or DSL should be possible on the smaller files. Dial up users, sorry.
The download version (if available) may be viewed online however pauses may occur in playback.
If you are unable to maintain a playable stream, either file may be downloaded
by right clicking on the link and then selecting "save target as".

Murray Lull's Inagural flight on Hangar 9 "Valiant" 03/13/2015
Murray Lull Valiant  (2.7 meg)

Murry Lull flying "Woodstock" at Joe Nall (2014)
Woodstock at Joe Nall
This is a 49 meg file and will not stream well, I suggest you right click and download it.

Rudy Glick B-25 Initial flight (04/11/2014)
Rudy Glick B-25 (6 meg)

Wendell nails Chester's video boat at Lake David float fly (06/03/2013)
WendellNailsChester  (29 meg)

Steve Croft's Canadair CL415
80" by Nitroplanes. Powered by 2 90 size electric motors on 4s Lipos

Online viewing (13meg)
Larger Download version (54 meg)

Joe Sherran's electric Pawnee tow plane. Sept. 2010
Hangar 9 Pawnee, Turnigy aerodrive 42-40, 6S4000mah,
Ice 100 esc, 3 blade 12X 6 prop.

View from glider  (3+ min - 21.7 meg)
View from the tow plane  (2.5 min - 16.5 meg)
Takeoff viewed from the ground  (30  sec - 33.8 meg)

BAS Spring Fling 06/20/2009 Limbo competition
Download version 640 X 480 (97 meg)
Online viewing 320 X 240 (24 meg)

Rudy Glick - Wing over the Rockies engine demo
Online viewing (11 meg - 10 Min)

Rudy Glick  F-16 & F-4
Online viewing (15.7 meg)

Kirk Fehlberg - Solo presentation, Mal Meador Youth Program (2/10/2010)
Online viewing 320 X 240 (12 meg)

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