Why this site

Why was this site created?

First, this site addresses concerns with the HOA and not the covenants which are legal and binding to a lot owner. The covenants were created, filed, amended and updated according to law and all changes are documented as being approved by at least 60% of the homeowners. I am in full support of the intent of the covenants.

The HOA however has not been able to establish it's validity beyond the filing with the State for recognition as a Tax exempt organization. (See the
Power Point Presentation on this site for additional data.)

The next time you see an officer of the HOA ask them this question…

Do you have the documentation showing 60% acceptance of your organization by the homeowners and the document of relinquishment from East View.

The answer should be either a YES or NO…

The answer I come up with is NO…

Now the HOA insists that it is legal but is constantly misquoting it's authority and the covenants and will not even follow it's own Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

I do not need a "Gestapo Like" organization refusing to accept the rules of law and using my own money to impose unfounded requirement on me.

I personally have mixed emotions on the HOA. I do not want to "break" them, but I believe the data on this site would support that in a court of law.

So, my intent here is to get your attention, present the data  and allow you to make your own decisions. I personally have stopped contributing to the HOA.

Your Call...