Gunbarrelgreen HOA

This is a private site and is not associated with the GunbarrelGreen HOA (Home Owners Association).

I am a long time resident of Gunbarrel and am at odds with the Homeowners Association as to their validity to mandate association fees from the homeowners.

I have asked for data validating them as a organization for 15 years and they have yet to provide me the necessary data.

Click on the link below to view a Microsoft Power Point presentation of my basic concern.
Power Point* Presentation of my Concerns

Now, should my basic concerns as to their validity be resolved I then have a major concern over their failing to follow their own rules and regulation identified in their Articles of Incorporations and Bylaws.

Illegal dues increases.

Speeding on Idylwild

Furthermore they are constantly putting our false or misleading information to the membership.

Index of misleading information

Documentation available from this site (covenants, articles of incorporation, by-laws etc.)

Documentation Index

* Microsoft power point or the power point viewer required.
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